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Posted by Dale on Apr 04, 2002 at 19:36

Re: not really... (Amaranth Rose)

But unlike you I do not share the contents of my privatae email conversations by splattering them across the Science-a-go-go screen.

Oh the kindness is just dripping from your keyboard, isn't it. So, let's see if I understand you. You are saying that my claims are true but they were made in a personal email and so should not have been divulged? Please enlighten me as to when you sent me any such email. On the contrary, I not only don't divulge anyone's private email but I don't recall the specifics of anything you have ever emailed me. Yes, many years ago you and I corresponded once or twice. The subjects and comments were trivial chit-chat as I recall. Then you exploded in a flurry of public accusations that came out of thin air as far as I could tell. For some reason you think I am evil incarnate and I havenít a clue why. You repeatedly make wild claims such as this and I have asked you to substantiate your claims several times and get no response so I have to assume they are imaginary. I have said before, and continue to believe that you could benefit substantially from some psychological assistance. But if you want to paint me as Satan, thereís certainly nothing I can do to change your mind not would I really want to. Youíre too funny just the way you are. :)

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