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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Apr 04, 2002 at 14:02

Re: not really... (y)

I'm sorry you think I'm angry. As you say, it is difficult to convey the tone of a statement without the concomittant physical cues. I too tried in the past to use one "persona" to convey lighthearted, humorous banter, another to denote more serious scientific pursuits. Certain individuals on this site took great exception to that. to the point of hunding me incessantly. That is why I undertook to offer a friendly warning to you. I have no doubt these same individuals will come bleating along, posting their complaints against me now. *sigh* Such a group we have become.

And it is not for wnat of intelligence. The people here are well endowed with that. But there is no living room in the world, I thinkt, that could hold them all without serious altercations. It is no wonder that frictions break out here from time to time. But too bad that some feel it is their right and duty to driveo others from the place. The table is large nough, and there is food enough for all. Allhave somethjing to contribute, even if we don't agree with them. Some here are into driving away those who do not agree with their philosophy. I don't agree with most philosophies. I see spears sometimes.

"getting people to make a league table of their most important unanswered questions, and then voting on the favourate, then harnessing the knowledge available on this site in an effort to try to solve one problem per year. "

An interesting idea. I suspect that the question wouldn't last more than a month, though; Human attention spans and priorities being what they are. It would be interesting from my perspective to watch the events unfold. I shan't trouble you with my unanswered questions. They are mostly solved by assuming that Calabi-Yau space is an actuality and that it regularly interacts with our "normal" space.

I hope you can accept in turn that my response is intended in good faith, With no malice or offense intended. Some will take it otherwise. That is their problem.

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