Re: into computers or random number theory (please read this)

Posted by Ham on Apr 04, 2002 at 11:43

Re: into computers or random number theory (please read this) (Dale)

Very well said indeed...

Algorithms, algorithms......Once the unknowing user loses track of "the pattern", everything that follows is instantly thought of as being "random"'s natural!

Perceptions of "randomality" when it comes to computers, are always wrong....there is no such thing as transferrable randomness. Each individual something done "at random", is done "one time", and in the "here and now", and once done, CAN be replicated; therefore, it is no longer truly, "at random", regardless of how long of an interval there is between those "something done"'s.

Some Autistic Savants are able to longitudinally retain seemingly random, natural patterns in everyday occurences and activities. These "things" that they notice seem "random" to the rest of us because we do not normally focus on the "patterns" of everyday circumstances and interactions long enough. We couldn't, or else we wouldn't survive. Some Savants do, and patternistically retain seemingly insignificant, seemingly random information.......They are "pattern-oriented" and I've always been intrigued about this. All this is tied in......

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