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Posted by y on Apr 04, 2002 at 10:37

Re: not really... (Amaranth Rose)

i am very new to the internet and have little knowledge of the etiquete required.

i am sorry that you seem to feel that there are biases towards the male members, i have only recently started to use this site so i cannot speak from experience.

as for the savagery i have had no experience of this either, or maybe i have a higher threshold. however, im sure you will agree that us guys are often insensitive at the best of times in face to face situations, but atleast in face to face situations we have facial expressions and body language to help us convey if a communication is an insult or just humourouus sarcasm, when we take those cues away we have to guess the rest (even in verbal communication), so what chance do we have of always getting the correct message or feeling behind printed words (we can't all be Wordsworth), for example, from your posting (to which this is a reply) i get the immpression that you are very angry with me for something that i have said or done, something that has made you angry with me personally, maybe im getting the correct message or maybe im not, i prefer to think that you are not angry with me but just informing me of a situation, and im just reading the angry bit as not anger against me personally. (im sorry about these overly long sentences).

As for the tripe and line pickers, (i assume you are refering to people like me). i chose to have more than one ID on this site for one main reason, one ID for what i consider serious discussion and one ID for more light hearted discussion ('tripe' if you will), this way people know what to expect depending upon the ID they choose to post to. obviously there may be some overlap depending upon the material posted to me.

further to the tripe and line pickers, and this will probably seem like a cop out, but i feel that people have different ideas of what to them constitutes a science question, for example, i tend to lump philosopy in with physics (by the way i have no qualifications in either, and tend to think with broad brush strokes), because in my heart i truly believe that the two can complement each other, (this is somthing that i am truly passionate about).

I have always been in awe of those lucky people who have the ability to soak up scientific knowledge, and here i have the opportunity to converse with people (all of whom are very intelligent) who are able to guide me (often haphazardly) to new ways of thinking about not just science, but also my role in this universe and my purpose (indeed it is often the more humorous communications that i come accross which make me think and affect me more profoundly). i would not have this opportunity in a face to face situation because it often seems that these people circulate within a different social dimension to me.

It is a shame that you have to keep your students away, i was actually thinking of suggesting some form of scheme to try to further science, by getting people to make a league table of their most important unanswered questions, and then voting on the favourate, then harnessing the knowledge available on this site in an effort to try to solve one problem per year. (although i would probably be deemed a fool for suggesting it, at least i could say i tried)

PS: (just incase you are not sure in which manner this was written)this was written with a genuine interest in your problem and a real effort to try to understand the issues that you have raised. i do hope you can accept that this reply is written in good faith, and that at no point is any offence intended.

thank you for your views


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