Hexagonal Dimples Boost Golf Balls Flight.

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Mike Kremer on Jan 08, 2002 at 09:15
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Hexagonal dimples boost golf ball's flight

New Scientist- 13:40 04 January 02 (by Will Knight)

A golf ball covered with hexagonal and pentagonal dimples, rather than the traditional circular ones, will be available from March. Its creators say it could improve player performance by travelling through the air more aerodynamically.

The angular dimples of the HX ball remove the areas of flat surface that are normally found between the circular dimples of a golf ball. These smooth regions actually increase the drag that a ball experiences as it travels through the air.

The HX ball's dimples cover virtually the entire surface of the ball, reducing drag and making it travel FURTHER and straighter through the air, according to experts at Callaway. The company also says their new ball is more susceptible to spin, which can curve its flight.

**I wonder how long it will take before some enterprising Firework manufacturer embosses dimples on its rockets, to make them fly higher?
How about dimpled bullets for accuracy? They would fly further before they started dropping.**

PS. All contributions for this idea to my Overseas account please. ;)

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