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DA Morgan on Apr 02, 2002 at 06:04

Re: sign a global warming petition (herve)

Sorry ... but I can't sign it because I don't agree with it.

Do I agree that global warming is real? Absolutely!

Do I agree that some portion of it is man-made. Absolutely!

Do I agree that "The evidence is overwhelming that man-made "greenhouse gases" are warming the atmosphere and endangering the environment."? No!

That does not mean that I don't believe something should be done ... but overstating what is actually proven only undermines the legitimate case and aids those who would prefer to buy their heads in the sand.

And please don't kid yourself about GWB. He knows full well what is happening. He just doesn't give a rip. Or haven't you been paying attention to the fact that he stacked his staff with people from the energy industry and that not a single person representing environmental concerns was interviewed as part of setting up his energy policy.

You want to send a message to him? Do it on the first Tuesday in November. You can start now by volunteering your time and raising money to defeat those he favors. If you succeed the message is sent. If you fail ... he wouldn't have listened to you anyway.

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