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Posted by anyman on Apr 02, 2002 at 02:28

Re: mandibular evolution (mara)

familiar with it

i posted on chaos on this board about three years ago...i don't remember if we had a dedicated thread or if it was tangentially relevant to some other thread we were working on at the time...i'm reasonably sure that you were part of that that i think about it, you may even have initiated it much like this time...can't remember...

have gleick's book...well read...with annotations (mine)...and it was a great, even if not much help for real systems...i still recommend it

am aware of the butterfly effect

aware of kauffman and the santa fe boyzngirlz (didn't kauffman initially propose the butterfly effect)

also aware that chaos and its sister, complexity theory (that pretends not to be related) are often regarded even by many scientists squarely and avowedly planted in the evolutionary camp as "fact free science" and similar descriptions

and the more we "understand" about it...the further it seems to get from any coherent or useful description of reality

i was even hoping that bioluminescence applied to fluid systems would provide some help but haven't heard any more about that proposed line of investigation (the behaviour of bioluminescence in fluid systems as something that might help us along this line came up at an unrelated time...we also discussed it on this board, albeit briefly)

apparently, what the whole lot does best is generate some pretty cool computer graphics but not much help for real world science

these guys might disagree with me (as you probably do)

#1 chaos school 1999

but then there are these guys...and they are not alone...there are many even within the inner sanctum, the high priesthood of the santa fe institute that are or were scratching their heads (haven't heard much about them lately...where'd they go)

complexity -----> perplexity?

i hope that chaos theory or complexity theory is not the best you've got to offer :-)

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