Re: Danny doesn't give Proof of Global Warming

Posted by Dale on Apr 01, 2002 at 20:06

Re: Insects give Proof of Global Warming (DA Morgan)

What we should not disagree about is that humans, by their very nature, refuse to act on most threats until it is too late...I prefer to stay in the middle saying something should be done to decrease our impact.

Then cough up that $1,000 before it is too late to save your windshield.

The extremists say "do nothing" or "do everything".

No, extremists like you say "do what I say" with no proof that the threat is real or that the "cure" you would impose would have any effect on the outcome. Provide some evidence that there is a real problem and provide some evidence that your solution has a chance of being effective in reducing the problem at less cost than the problem would cause and we will gladly lower our standard of living.

As long as you insist that people will die from a 3mm increase in sea level and therefore we must immediately stop using all wood, we will treat you as the irrational extremist that you are.

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