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Posted by asdf on Mar 29, 2002 at 19:30

Re: thanks for the bone... (DA Morgan)

pretty lame, dano

the fact, that no virus has yet been demonstrated to turn into an elephant or any other kind of thing is well documented in the literature

the "and they never will" part is a prediction from me

you said it may happen in 600 or 6000 or 6000000...that's your prediction

at least one of us is wrong...i am prepared to wait...but in either case, wait we must, because my prediction is "never" meaning that we must wait for time to end for mine to be demonstrated true

and we should wait for up to 6my for your statement to falsify mine and thereby be demonstrated

on a minor excursis, your paradoxical nonsense is at least laughable...

in one post, you say we haven't seen it yet because there hasn't been enough time since viruses were discovered

in the next post, you say that you can demonstrate it, that it is already known (ostensibly by "those in the know"), and that there are almost as many demonstrable examples as there are distinct living organisms

pick your pony, pugsley

you haven't demonstrated diddly...well, yes you have...(but i'll hold my tongue this time :-)

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