Agent Orange and the invincible Vietnamese

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"Agent Orange hotspots located" - "Scientists investigating the effects of Agent Orange in Vietnam have found that people living in a so-called hotspot have the highest blood levels of its poisonous chemical dioxin ever recorded in the country. Agent Orange, which has the dioxin (TCDD - short for 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin) as one of its constituents, was last used in 1973. But today, some residents of Binh-Hoa, near Ho Chi Minh City, have 200 times the normal amount of dioxin in their bloodstreams." (BBC Online)

Gee, you'd think with all that kind of elevated serum dioxin levels, the health effects would be obvious. Yet not a mention, unless this qualifies...


Dioxins, which include TCDD and other related compounds, can cause cancers and problems with reproductive development, the nervous and immune systems.

Well if they can cause such problems, wouldn't it be more than apparent here in this area? Why aren't they affected? Maybe because the people with these elevated levels are not mice specifically bred to be cancer prone. Or maybe they are just covering up the illness.


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