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Posted by dogrock on Mar 28, 2002 at 16:40

Re: indulging (bobbapink)

Have thought of that possibility but it may be the hardest one to deal with. Just saying matter is expanding without some idea of how might seem completely useless. It would answer why all objects fall at the same speed, feathers and hammers, because they would not be falling but the earth coming up to meet them. Horrible thought maybe but surely worth exploring. A possible idea of electrons moving further from their nucleus seems it could work from a conceptual basis at least. But from observations would require the nucleus to grow too. Just throw this out. If four atom were joined in higher orbits representing a light material. And eight in smaller orbits representing a heavier material in could still allow an even expansion of both if it occurred at every 'orbit' of the electron. But must admit I'm purely speculating. But even if we couldn't say what might make matter expand, but it did't conflict with all the know effects of gravity so far, then it would still be a better explanation scientifically.

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