Re: Flat earth and two slit experiment

Posted by dogrock on Mar 25, 2002 at 21:51

Re: Flat earth and two slit experiment (Mike Kremer)

Thanks, but that's like accepting the magic ships and not working out what's really happening. If someone could work out what the laboratory equipment might need to do to creat the effect instead of looking at the photon (ship). Could we have the photon stretching over time (like the gravity waves expansion posted by Dale) or the screens moving further away over time. All checks on the system would confirm nothing happening, as we see nothing happening around us. Something like the flat earth. The importance of finding a solution is that without a conceptual image we must invent massive complex maths to explain everything. It seems hard to imagine a satifying answer will come from finding another particle when we don't grasp the whole concept. I'm probably spitting again the wind I know, but had to say it anyway.

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