Re: Flat earth and two slit experiment

Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 25, 2002 at 20:59

Re: Flat earth and two slit experiment (dogrock)

"Someone had to realise the earth was round and ships could travel upside down......"

I guess that thought must have been rather difficult to swallow at that time.
Unless you were an actual mariner…and suddenly realised the moon was upside down in the Southern Hemisphere.
The Two Slits or Holes. Now that is interesting.
Shining a light beam near two or between two holes
But not through them, like this O # O (the # is the light) and you gradually get a circular interference pattern of dark and light bands built up the other side of the slits or holes. (Like the rings of two dartboards that have partially melted into each other) You cannot get this wave pattern, unless each photon is aware of which hole, the other photons have passed thru and have landed.
I don’t think anyone can explain how the Quantum World really is, one just has to accept for now.

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