Re: Nuclear scaremonger article of the day

Posted by Dale on Mar 22, 2002 at 08:16

Re: Nuclear scaremonger article of the day (dogrock)

Granted that perception is reality for everyone. And there are few people who seem able to get past perception when it conflicts with the facts. You have to beat on them and beat on them to get them to acknowledge that their perception isnít real enough to accurately predict the future (the real test of reality). But a cold shower is in store for those who insist on perceptions that have no factual backing. Those who insisted that global cooling was going to cause mass starvation by the year 2000 finally woke up. Those who insisted that increases in population would cause mass starvation by the 80ís finally woke up. Even those who predicted that the Industrial Revolution would cause mass starvation woke up eventually. If we develop a space cult who thinks that space will solve all our problems, I agree they will have their day on the front pages and mass converts of the unthinking just as the global warming crowd does today. But I am confident that eventually the facts will rule.

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