Re: Nuclear scaremonger article of the day

Posted by Dale on Mar 21, 2002 at 09:21

Re: Nuclear scaremonger article of the day (dogrock)

The solution however difficult is to get out of the backyard and expand in space.

You ever lived in space? Terrible neighborhood! Radiation there is far higher than if you lived inside Yucca Mountain after they start filling it. Water quality isnít a problem because any water you can find is a miracle. Air pollution? What air? Recycling isnít just a good idea, if you donít capital punishment is invoked.

But Iíll admit garbage disposal is easier. You can just throw it out the hatch and it burns up in the atmosphere which is someone elseís problem. And thereís no problem with oil contaminating streams near shopping malls. No malls.

Humans tend to complain no matter how good they have it.

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