Re: Nuclear scaremonger article of the day

Posted by dogrock on Mar 20, 2002 at 21:30

Re: Nuclear scaremonger article of the day (bobbapink)

Maybe scientists will need to concentrate on the fears people have about nuclear waste. But that hasn't worked for global warming as scientists disagree. I think the problem might run like this: The earth has become just a backyard in most people's minds and they are afraid of someone fouling it up, as they have no place else to go. The solution however difficult is to get out of the backyard and expand in space. I think then people's fear of the possible destruction the earth, or the massive emphasis on conserving everything just as it is (which I equate with a form of death) would lessen. We're stuck on this planet and its getting too small, at least in people's minds. Easier said that done I admit.

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