What would you do with the facts?

Posted by bobbapink on Mar 19, 2002 at 14:00

Re: Whish... Uhhhh.... What was that? (Mike Kremer)

I think it a pretty unlikely that our [respective] governments would inform us of impending doom in every case. There simply are not enough motivating factors for them to do so. I’m not judging the morality of that, just the reality. Pick your scenario:

Killer rock will hit: No reason to tell anyone.

Killer rock might hit: Could tell everyone but result would be nasty: riots, rampages, crazed panic – regardless of a hit or miss. If it turns out to hit, see scenario above. If it turns out to miss, telling everyone caused a big problem keeping your mouth shut would have prevented.

Big rock will hit: If they know where – they’d probably tell and attempt to evacuate. If they didn’t know where, and could maintain plausible deniability, see above scenery.

Big rock might hit – tell only if your political party has been pushing a asteroid detection/eradication agenda. Otherwise, see above.

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