Re: Not Dry Ice, but Real Ice on Mars Today

Posted by asdf on Mar 16, 2002 at 14:51

Re: Not Dry Ice, but Real Ice on Mars Today (Mike Kremer)

Many of the gully systems look extraordinarily recent -- sharply carved and crossing older, wind-scoured features. Their appearance is so fresh, in fact, that it has excited planetary geologists such as MOC designer Mike Malin to think that Mars "may have experienced massive, short-term climate changes, where water could come and go in hundreds of years."

so if they look so recent, why is the remark about "billions of years ago" necessary...

it's not...unless one is philosophically committed to the billions of years scenario...

and of course...unless one is committed to further indoctrinating (sublty or not so) the masses on the billions of years scenario...

which can be and is done by the mere mention in almost everything published in any and every form of media today

my comments here are not intended to in any way agree or disagree with the claim of water on mars...i am merely commenting on the philosophical (and speculative) spin in the article's content

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