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Posted by bobbapink on Mar 12, 2002 at 15:59

Re: Lost among the clutter (DA Morgan)

I see, so when he said "It would also entail the use of carbon credits he really meant that it would NOT entail the use of carbon credits?

I guess this too meant just the opposite of what it sounds like: Browne said that, while international frameworks for the various credit mechanisms to offset greenhouse gas emissions were still being developed, "I feel more confident now that such systems will eventually be established. The acceptance of the risk and of the potential for progress is reflected in all the actions being taken by governments around the world.

I wonder how it feels to feel?

I can only infer from this that he's in the red. Gee! Whatdoya think is going to happen when the credit con dies out? Iím sure he can get a loan or sell off some assets. Perhaps fire a few employees.

Oh! And this was a gem!

Browne concluded: "I believe the American people expect a company like BP - the largest single supplier of oil and gas in this country - to offer answers and not excuses. People expect successful companies to take on challenges, to apply skills and technology and to give them better choices. Well, we are ready to do our part - to reinvent the energy business, to stabilise our emissions - and, in doing so, to make a contribution to the challenge facing the world."

Don't it just make you wanna sing God Bless the Queen! Well, don't it!

What a bunch of hooey.

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