Re: ''Cloned Pigs for Human Transplantation'' The Dangers?

Posted by bio_ladi on Jan 04, 2002 at 20:02

Re: ''Cloned Pigs for Human Transplantation'' The Dangers? (Mike Kremer)

This may sound pretty crazy but I am actually hoping for failure in this case.
The ethics involved in medicine is in serious question when we begin to create life to save lives. Creating a swine is no different than the creation of a human clone in order to harvest organs.
Naturally there will be transplant problems. The only thing your body is willing to accept is itself, under normal conditions.
The usage of animal organs, particularly swine, is not new to medicine and has not had a perfect success rate either.
I fail to see the connection with God and replenishing here. Maybe I am mistaken in the belief we are all in this together, us animals, who populate this earth. I do not believe any god would want us to practice this type of action. Creating life only to destroy it? We kill life in rapid numbers then we set about to copy those we have destroyed? Pretty much recycling isn't it?
As a matter of fact I wrote a paper on this very subject last semester, the ethics of DNA research and its application.

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