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Andy™ on Jan 03, 2002 at 21:26

Re: Sotong Goreng Berlada (bio_ladi)

IF we find it to be non-endangered, I say, kill one, bring it up, study it, preserve it, and display it.

If they are endangered, leave the bugger alone. I seriously doubt a scientist will harpoon Nessie, due to the fact that if he/she exists, it's arguable that the critter is pretty rare. Whereas if there are proportionally many of these odd-looking giant squids swimming around down there, there are things to be learned from them that can only be learned by killing one, unfortunately. OR maybe finding one that had just died that day.

How do you feel about medical testing on animals, just out of curiosity? Not that testing makeup and crap on the poor things, but actual medical testing.

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