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Re: Request For A Scientific Inquiry (mara)

Why DO women want to get married? Probably not for the dirty socks and increased kitchen duties that generally come with the position (I'm looking for one of the models that can cook, do dishes AND take out the garbage without complaining, BTW). It may have a lot to do with social factors. Could it be the Hox genes in their most basic social expression? Consider the following advert (but don't take it TOO seriously!):

Princess, tired of kissing frogs and living in bogs, seeks Prince.

I have no interest in shallow relationships such as frog ponds are full of. I'm looking for the one and only courtly Prince and gentle/genteel Knight to share my life. He will be faithful and true, honorable and loyal, merciful and compassionate. Honest, thrifty, trustworthy, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, cheerful, brave, clean, and reverent are also desirable attributes. A taste for companionship, warm velvet summer nights, homemade wine and watching sunsets wouldn't hurt. You may have to share me a bit with other commmittments, but rest assured you will never be second in my affection. If you have the quality and purity of heart and the depth and breadth of soul to withstand being the sole focus of a deep, abiding love big enough to fill the universe, without being immolated by its intensity and depth, then perhaps you may be Sir Prince. If you can stand receiving the occasional love poem, or seeing yourself within the pages of a book from time to time, there's hope for you. Conventional standards of handsomeness in appearance need not apply; I will judge that aspect. Inner beauty a necessity. Must have eclectic dietary habits including seafood and be amenable to many styles of cuisine. Minimal cooking skills a necessity. This position carries a life sentence. No dabblers or dalliers or Mordreds need apply. Oh, yes, I almost forgot; watch out for the heron, he's absolute murder on frogs!

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