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Mike Kremer on Jan 01, 2002 at 01:44 (

Re: Magnets offer cool development (bobbapink)

Nice find bobbapink.
I have my doubts as to whether it will prove as
efficient as a Peltier device, which uses a small electrical voltage thru dis-similar metals. This produces heat one side of the (heat sinked metal)
and cold on the other side. These cooling units can be found inside some picnic carriers, and are begining to be placed upon some Pentium IV Intel chips, by your enterprising speed freak.
I guess it will be state of the art when Intel bring out their successor to the Pent:IV, the
"I-Plinium"* which has 350 million transistors to the Pent IV's 40 million.

*I cant rem the exact name of their new chip.

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