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Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 09, 2002 at 11:40

Re: High school science problem (Amaranth Rose)

Heres the solution for the Tx located on the Equator, being 45 deg further N, should'nt make a difference
Draw a circle (representing the Earth)
Inside the circle draw an equilateral triangle,
T1, T2, T3.
Using the 3 chords of t1-t2,t2-t3,t3-t1, as the base....draw another three equilateral triangles
at (t1-t2-S1 and t2-t3-S2 and t3-t1-S3) Then S1,S2 and S3 are your three satellite positions, placed out in space, which will be in communication with each other at all times (just) Since their straight line signals to each other, S1, S2, S3 just graze the Earth at T1,T2,T2.
Located your single Transmitter at ONE of the T points on the Equator.
Its easy to work out the height of the Sats:, knowing the Diam: of the Earth

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