Are you sure it's doing the traveling?

Posted by bobbapink on Mar 05, 2002 at 19:01

Re: Its the way I tell it, still think there's a case to answer (dogrock)

The force applied to get the object in motion was never included in this type of thought experiment, I'm suggesting the traveling alone produced the changes internally not any initial force applied.

If you do not consider the force that originally accelerated the object, then how do you determine it is the object that is doing the traveling, rather than the position from which you observe it.

Consider the twin that traveled and came back of fairer youth. She did not do so simply because she was moving in relation to the other twin, she did so because she was the one doing the accelerating. After all, from the traveling twin perspective, the stationary twin was doing the moving, not she...unless you consider the acceleration.

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