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Posted by bobbapink on Feb 27, 2002 at 19:44

Re: i still don't get it. (dogrock)

I see your point now.

Since the affects would be similar on both, and if both had been pushed off with the same force, it is highly probable they would stay close, maybe cross over each other, maybe eventually come together again

If some force (call it X) separates them with a degree of force greater than their gravitational attraction to one another (escape velocity) then wouldn't that momentum remain with them, causing them to separate further? You are suggesting that the distant force is pulling them on a specific path toward it but Iíd disagree (timidly) and instead suggest that the distant force is pulling them on a general path toward it, and would not, could not, undo entirely momentum imparted upon them by X. But it is really a good question and Iím not sure Iím exactly, or even partially right. Iíll wait for other input.

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