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Re: Climate and pollution: a week link? (Dale)

this struck me odd:

Cerveny and Coakley spotted the weekly cycle by calculating the average carbon dioxide levels for each day of the week, after subtracting out changes owing to the seasonal cycle and the gradual yearly rise. They find that the measurements rise to a peak on Mondays and then decline steadily to a minimum on Saturdays.

The article stated that "Increased traffic on Hawaii's islands, especially in the main city Hilo, is the most likely cause." I think the most likely cause may be a bit closer to home that the distant traffic.

Here's the Mauna Loa station

The observatory consists of 10 buildings from which up to 250 different atmospheric parameters are measured by a complement of 12 NOAA/CMDL and other agency scientists and engineers.

Quite a busy place, no? Unlike city traffic, this place probably starts gearing up around Sunday evening with a gradual decrease as the week goes on. I'll bet Saturday's there are really dead. Not a smoker among them.

And just to compare apples to apples: Here's the South Pole station

Two CMDL observatory staff spend one year tours of duty at the station which includes a 9 month period of isolation and six months of darkness.

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