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Posted by Briar on Feb 15, 2002 at 07:29

Re: cloning 101 (Thermus aquaticus)

The thing that frightens me about the information given on this page is that it is so freely available, there is nothing to stop any member of the public reading this and having this explained to them in terms which those without scientific knowlege can easily understand. With understanding would come the realisation that therapeutic cloning would be of major benifit to the medical world, only today we have seen Cc the cat in British papers. Cc, however, has been hailed as the first "designer pet". The funding that has been supplied has been done so privately by a company that would like to use this technology for financial gain in the future, and why not. It is not the government who have stumped up the money to allow the cloning of an animal that will benifit humankind owing to the research that will be made availble into HIV and AIDS. No one has mentioned, at least not in the British papers, how study of FIV (feline immuno virus) can be used in the study and reserch and formulation of medications for HIV. Cloning is not frightening, it is the ignorance and scaremongering that governments seem to encourage and allow that terrifies me. The general public are only a clic away from discovering the major benifits of cloning and genetic engineering and still they are allowed to be scared. If someone invented a a genetically modified or cloned substance tomorrow that proved it could improve your sex life and extend life expectancy and good looks by 20 years it would be hailed with nothing less than god-like status, the only would sell papers!

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