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Re: cloning 101 – corrected HTML (Andy™)

I'd like superman to be able to walk again too, but I'd rather he not fall over on a crosswalk because he had "bad" cells put into his spine. (Call it kryptonite if you will.)

That was mean but funny nonetheless. I’d say it’s superman’s call, given full disclosure of the risks.

IF "human" cloning isn't banned you KNOW it will be used to reproduce.

I think that it will be used for purposes of reproduction regardless of any ban. Banning only moves it to the dark places and makes it more profitable. It does nothing to eliminate it. As the technology grows it’ll be available to everyone with a K-mart chemistry kit. They’ll clone everyone from Albert Einstein to John Lenin, Adolph Hitler to Mother Teresa. Whoever’s DNA they can get their hands on. I foresee a great emergence of Elvis impersonators storming the casinos of Los Vegas.

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