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Re: And double thanks .. saved from hell .. (DA Morgan)

You have a degree? Never would have guessed that from your postings.

You teach at a major university? I know you CLAIM to teach a remedial computer course but that university won't acknowledge that you are on the staff or even that you are a student there. One would also think that someone with a degree in chemistry would be teaching something in that area rather than remedial data entry.

But your claim to have consulted for Boeing and AT&T is expected. Over the past couple of years you have claimed to work at half the companies in the Fortune 500 list as well as most government agencies. Either you are lieing or you can't hold a job. But maybe all those years working for IBM, Compaq, Dell, and Gateway gave you the idea you could teach email.

Now you'll excuse me if I don't take the bait.

Yep, sure wouldn't want to get embarassed yourself by showing your ignorance trying to discuss a science topic like global warming. And NEVER would you consider acknowledging that when you take both sides of an argument that you could be wrong half the time. But don't worry, Danny, I'll keep reminding you until you answer THE QUESTION with either a yes or no.

As someone else would say, you funny, Dano.

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