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Harold E. French Jr. on Feb 12, 2002 at 04:48 (

Re: Andy Where the Party Is Bring your Own Booze and Your Own God (Eudaemonic Pie)

Dear Mr. Pie,

I was out surfing the net and I came across some of the things you said about me at the GB Cafe. I was not trying to hunt you down when I came to this site. It just happened. I was searching for information on complexity; it's the Anarchist thing. I'm not perfect. I am truly sorry that you were profoundly hurt at the GB Cafe. I told you one time, I don't consider myself to be educated, intelligent, charming and the like. I meant it. I could never participate at a board like this. I am just a factory worker with black under his nails, and that is all I will ever be. I admit that my station in life is below yours, and it also will forever be that way.

I found it interesting that one of your friends ridiculed me for calling you "Mr. Pie." I have never wanted to call you that, but your use of a pseudonym made it impossible for me to show you the proper respect. I could not just call you "Pie" or "EP." I would not have felt right about it. What could I have done differently in this regard?

I suppose that this leaves me open to the charge that if I was showing you the proper respect, I would have never called you a "mean drunk." Had I known how things would unfold, I assure you I would not. I try not to look backwards, and I suppose that sounds so convenient at this juncture. Even now I have a hard time understanding why you were, from my perspective, so attacking. Some very good people, when they get drunk are mean. I have experienced it first hand. It was an error on my part to make that leap in your case. I apologize.

I also regret not following up on the Godel thread. I know it is no excuse, but you scared me. You are so bold. I imagine you overwhelm people in real life. For me, it is like if I don't see something, you would hit me in the face with a fist, not literally of course. And I am then to stoically take the blow and learn to get it right. Sometimes, it is better not to speak up. However, you are the only person I ever had personal(?) contact with that seemed to know what was going on with Godel. Maybe if some of the science buffs here wanted to help me with it, I would be open to it. But I tell everyone here, I am not that bright, and I don't have the foundation for it. If you would prefer that I not post here, you need only say publically or privately. I do not wish to disturb your space, and everyone needs a refuge where they feel safe and accepted.

I don't know if were serious about me helping you with Kant's ethics. I like to think that maybe I did.

Good health and freedom to you, Mr. Pie.

My friends call me Harry.

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