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Re: cloning 101 – corrected HTML (Thermus aquaticus)

Very nice.
Also nice that I already knew the difference.

So hold your groans. The cloning that makes the news is that of the people looking to make new kids. Example, them man who wants to clone his dead daughter.

ALSO, if these mice, dolly, and other failed clones are aging rapidly, who's to say the cells that are harvested from the cloned embryos won't be equally defective? Certainly it's a different situation and I for one can't figure out why the clones are aging so bloody fast, but it's still a possibility and seems to be a likely one from past experience.

I'd like superman to be able to walk again too, but I'd rather he not fall over on a crosswalk because he had "bad" cells put into his spine. (Call it kryptonite if you will.)

IF "human" cloning isn't banned you KNOW it will be used to reproduce. It's simply will. It's already been started in international waters and Europe, for goodness sake. So until people quit using cloning to make new babies, and until the cloning scientists can assure others that their cloned embryo cell farms aren't just as defective as these mice, I'll keep using all the examples that are valid. Including reproduction.
This isn't theory, it's fact. I'm looking at what's been done and is being done, I don't care which one the scientists involved prefer. Both are done.

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