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Re: And double thanks .. saved from hell .. (DA Morgan)

Perhaps you have me confused with a mirror.

No, I once had you confused with someone who might have been able to think his way out of a paper bag but you have demonstrated I was wrong.

You assume that global warming is a fact. You have said before that there isn't a single reputable person who disagrees with your "facts". Therefore you feel it is acceptable to just create any image you want to support your position such as "The other is contemporary, constantly find its errors and fixes them, and publishes in peer reviewed journals where the authors and editors have PhDs." Obviously you really believe no one could argue with that. The fact it is just a fabrication of your own imagination doesn't bother you, does it?

Two questions: 1. Are you ever going to think about anything before anwering? 2. Where is the simple yes or now answer you need to make?

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