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Re: Wise Questions with Amaranth (Eudaemonic Dishonored)

1. Have I ever said you are stupid? You have, though. If you will paint yourself with a brush, do not be surprised at how others perceive you wearing those colors.

2. A man of honor fulfuills his commitments to others. He does as he says he will; he keeps his word when he gives it. You did not.

3. As a behavioral biologist, you know that one-trial avoidance learning is a survival strategy employed by many organisms. It has nothing to do with an experimental protocol for assessing the future of Earth's atmosphere. OTAL is a means of preserving the organism and keeping it alive until such time as it has successfully reproduced and raised its offspring. It is an after-the-fact response to a stimulus, not a deliberate mindset.

4. Whether you agree with me or not is none of my concern. It doesn't trouble me in the slightest, one way or the other. Your verbiage is sufficiently chaotic that it is at times difficult to discern what, if anything, you take as a stand, due to the extraneous verbiage and irrelevant comments therein. Humility is not an issue for me; I am from nothing come, and to nothing go. I know my creator, and my destroyer. My fate is indisputable. I question your semantics. Your use of the word "stupid" is verbo incertae cedis. I have no equivalent term for your request to "be humble and stupid with me". Perhaps you care to elucidate?

5. My "softest answer for measuring Planet Earth" is totally impractical and impossible technologically. What is wanted is a model system, one that can be manipulated and operated on experimentally. What we need in fact is a second Earth-sized planet, complete with atmosphere, for us to manipulate, so that we can conduct some experiments and determine the effects of different variable in a multivariate system. . I figure there must be enough mass, in the form of chunks, rocks and dust, out in the asteroid belt to put together an acceptable simulacrum. We could assemble it in an orbit normal to the ecliptic, at a distance where it would not interfere with any of the present planets. Heck, we could probably even figure out how to ignite the core and render it molten, thus providing it with volcanic activity. Maybe even come up with a moon. There should be enough water and methane and other liquid type stuff to make a decent atmosphere out in the Oort cloud, and we could start harvesting passing comets as well. If we really worked at it, we could do a passable job of cleaning up the solar system, get those pesky asteroids out of the way where they won't be threatening Earth, and mop up that slop out there where the comets hang out. Once we approximated our current atmosphere there, we could begin to experiment, adding carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, water vapor, and whatever, and seeing what happened as a result.

But this is not Solomon's garden; there are no Djinns. Only in fiction does the butterfly's stamp have such a profound and all-encompassing effect. And I am far less graceful and glamorous than a butterfly; I am just a sturdy Love-lies-bleeding, a rose-colored Amaranth.

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