To the Saintly Evil Eudaemonic Pie -- Is this where I should reply?

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Re: To the Evil Bobbapink -- are spent-thoughts like spent-nuetrinos: where to spent-thoughts go? huh? Belly-up and face it! (Eudaemonic Pie)

Now look here bobbapink, you've troubled me with guy science here, off and on, long enough, see?

Not really...which is to say, I don't really see, see? If I've troubled you it was simply a matter of miscommunication, I'm sure.

Now, look here. All guy-science bets are off. Including the gorilla shows at Vegas.


My question is simple.

I hope so for I have a simple mind.

Because I've been advised to do so by one Mr. Berres,...

Never met the gentleman that I know of but please continue...

... from another forum where they claim to love Great Books,...

I too like great books but few would agree with me as to their greatness...take The Cat in the Hat for example...

... I'm cutting and pasting my question from that other forum, here, for you, for your guy-science response (please, not Nietzsche's "Gay Science"


- maintain proper decorum, see?),...

I shall do my best...

and so, here is my question to you, in good guy-science form, from that other paltry forum:

I asked:

"As far as what's new under the sun? well Mr. [Name Withheld], you just tell that evil friend of yours, Mr. [Other Name Withheld], that we still don't know where the sun's spent neutrinos go (his beloved Jules Verne didn't settle the spent-neutrinos issue), and just like we don't know where spent neutrinos go (territorial range), so too, we don't' know where the near-spent neutrino named Osama bin Laden has gone (territorial range), now do we? Huh? Don't just sit there, fess up you equally ignorant poly sci history boys, worshiping your dearest lover, the Red Queen! .. (and on I go, ad nauseam)."

Could you rephrase the question?

Now Mr. Bobbapink, since you too are just as spent as a spent-neutrino yourself,

Well, it is christmas day and I have three children and a wife so yes, I'm quite spent.

my question to you is are spent-thoughts like spent-neutrinos?

Alike in what way?

Where do spent-thoughts go?

Who says they left? If you recall spending them, on what did you spend them and with whom did you complete the transaction? Perhaps you should ask that person.

Do we know?

Who is we? If 'we' is you and me, then no, Im afraid 'we' do not.

Or, was Quine right inveterate thoughts in science just die off? Or get killed off? Spent-thoughts, like guy-science thoughts, where do spent-thoughts go?

If you're referring to Will (that's what his friends called him but his bestest buds called him the Von-Man.) then I would suppose he was maybe either correct or incorrect. I'd ask the Von-Man myself for clarification but he died last Christmas, so alas, I can not.

Now, belly up to the bar. And spend yourself. The world is waiting. Do your best guy science.

It's Christmas and I never belly-up on Christmas.

Spill, I say

Nay, I say.

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