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Re: Well it's obvious I missed something!! (Andy™)

Hey Andy,

I deleted the link from my bookmarks. I'm done and through with them. You ought be able to find them by searching on "Great Books," and then finding their Café. It's the Café you want.

Bear in mind my motto about the Café: "if you can't stand the heat in the kitchen of critical thinking (like science), then get the hell out of the kitchen, and go to the Café."

Andy, there's at least one fellow there who is a critical thinker. Many of the rest are theologians and pedants in disguise. The demon stuff won't surface unless you call out their demons by name, and even then, when you ask them about it, most will ignore your direct questions like the plague (acting like your questions aren't there, or changing the subject), but if you get them to tell the truth about what they really believe, then you can have some fun.

If you really want to have some fun with the religious dogmatists there, then just keep asking them your own personal favorite variations on the question below.

Question: ff our human brains are hard-wired (don't mention Darwin) to cause us to take leaps of faith to judgments about supernatural agents (like demons) when we humans face uncertain and unpredictable events, then, aren't our brains also equally hard-wired to ask serious questions of the so-called religious and philosophic authorities, by questioning and challenging, and refusing to accept that religionists and philosophers say (just because they say so).

Andy, I daresay: 1) half of them will change the subject and won't answer your question if it kills them; 2) half of them won't have a clue what your question means, but will answer anyway, with answers bizarre and incoherent; 3) half of them will disregard your question, and instead, spout and cut and paste their dogmatic pre-fab answers without giving you any genuine interaction; 4) half of them will just respond with how science is full of crap, and how philosophy and religion have the answers! Adding up these four halves (1-4) is what you need in order to account for them (real persons) plus their supernatural immaterial agents (watch for the "immaterial," and watch for "demons") ;).

Andy, if you want to go over the top in having fun, then try this. Tell them that you are a THEOLOGIAN and you have just discovered what St. Thomas Aquinas and everyone else could never discover – the final proof of God's "necessary" existence! You've got to use the word – necessary – otherwise the neurons won't twitch. Then, just cut and past and make up whatever logical (modal logic) "necessitarian" answer you want – hell, go to Bobbapink's random post-modern essay generator – and get an essay from there, and throw in the word "necessary" every other sentence, randomly, and then, you will have all the theologians eating out of your hands, looking for the clue!

Have fun :))).

Just NEVER mention DARWIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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