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Re: I'm a Bad Kid with an Attitude! C'mere Amaranth! (Amaranth Rose)

Amaranth asked:

"The answers are in questions. Ask wisely."

1. Why am I so stupid?

2. Why am I "not a man of honor"?

3. Can't your speciality in "one-trial avoidance learning paradigm," be mapped and switched out to an ignorance-based paradigm where you know one thing, but you don't know (ignorant) the other thing, but you can give it a go, your best shot? just a try? like pretending to know (but knowing you're ignorant), but conjecturing your favorite means of measure for the Big One, namely, Environment?

4. Don't you see and know, that I agree with you when you say -- "But when the respect ends, and the savaging begins, then we lose too many of the answers in the battlefield and the "war" mentality. Too many gaps, and the pattern becomes meaningless; the matrix begins to crumble into dust."? -- and that I'm asking you to be humble and stupid with me (not a man of honor) and take the wildest of wild guesses (Matrix can go to hell!) with me?

5. And also, can't you see that when you say "I do not have the power to control others. Nor would I choose to if I did." that maybe, after all, your little butterfly wings of humility have more control, in terms of magnitude of effect, that your gentle and compassionate humility might imagine, and so, flap away in the form of giving me your softest answer for measuring Planet Earth? just your gentlest butterfly's guess?

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