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Re: I'm a Bad Kid with an Attitude! C'mere Amaranth! (Eudaemonic Pie)

"Especially since I'm here with you Amaranth. You and me the only intelligent survivors. Come over here and talk to me. I'll be nice to you this time. ‘Cuz I like ya anyway. Let's you and me be the intelligent ones in this forum."

Sorry, Pieboy. I'm a survivor. I specialized in the one-trial avoidance learning paradigm. Once bitten, never again. You've already shown that you are not a man of honor.

AS for the rest, this is a Science forum. Not the Oracle of Delphi. And I am not the head priestess. I'd be lucky to qualify as a minor witch. I am a creation of Science; scientists bred me, gestated me, reared me and educated me. I have had to die in order to come to life. I became nothing in order to become something. I am still growing, changing, evolving.

I know enough of Science to know that there is no "ANSWER". There are only answers, pieces of the puzzle that fit together like the pieces of a stained glass window to make a pattern that is greater than the parts; a matrix that is vaster than the moelcules that make it up. The only answer I can offer is simply this: To question is the answer. Question freely, question openly, question with respect for all who come to the table, for all have something to offer, and there is plenty to feed them all.

But when the respect ends, and the savaging begins, then we lose too many of the answers in the battlefield and the "war" mentality. Too many gaps, and the pattern becomes meaningless; the matrix begins to crumble into dust.

This is a Science forum. Preserve it or destroy it. I am one being, many entities. I do not have the power to control others. Nor would I choose to if I did.

The answers are in questions. Ask wisely.

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