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AI: size matters

MIT scientists have discovered that the brain processes objects based on their physical size, with a specific region of the brain reserved for recognizing large objects and another reserved for small objects. The findings could have major implications in robotics and artificial intelligence. The findings appear in the journal Neuron. Surprisingly, the research is the […]

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“Super-Turing” AI gets development funding

University of Massachusetts Amherst computer scientist Hava Siegelmann has received funding to develop the first ever “Super-Turing” computer. Based on analog recurrent neural networks, Siegelmann says the device will usher in a level of intelligence not seen before in artificial computation. Mathematician and alpha-geek Alan Turing(pictured) set out the basis for the digital computers we […]

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Demonstration of memflector brings brain-like computing a step closer

The first ever demonstration of simultaneous information processing and storage using phase-change materials points the way to computers more closely resembling biological systems, say University of Exeter researchers. The techniques used could revolutionize computing by making computers faster and more energy-efficient, as well as making them more “brain-like.” Today’s computers handle processing and memory separately, […]

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MRI scans predict pop music success

An Emory University experiment originally designed to see how peer pressure affects teenagers has also been found to accurately predict the success or failure of pop songs. “We have scientifically demonstrated that you can, to some extent, use neuroimaging in a group of people to predict cultural popularity,” boasted Emory’s Gregory Berns. His findings appear […]

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