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MRI scans reveal diverse female sexual sensory palette

The notion that the clitoris is the major source of female genital sensation has been directly challenged after MRI brain scans revealed that stimulation of the vagina, cervix and nipples strongly activated three separate and distinct sites in the brain’s sensory cortex. Around 60 years ago, researchers localized in the brain exactly where all sensations […]

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Study confirms Pill’s memory altering effects

Women who use hormonal contraceptives such as the Pill experience memory changes where their ability to remember the detail surrounding an emotional event is reduced. The new finding adds to a growing list of cognitive functions that are believed to be affected by hormonal contraception. “What’s most exciting about this study is that it shows […]

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The harder they (don’t) cum

Findings from the largest-ever study of orgasmic and ejaculatory dysfunction suggest that orgasmic dysfunction could be as prevalent among men as it is among women. The study, appearing in the British Journal of Urology International, followed more than 12,000 men with mild to severe erectile dysfunction and found that two-thirds of those men were unable […]

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Antioxidants key to solving reproductive woes, say pharmacologists

A meta-study appearing in the journal Pharmacological Research suggests that antioxidants may be the key to overcoming a number of reproductive problems, including sub-fertility and erectile dysfunction. The report notes that previous studies on the potential for antioxidants to help address reproductive issues have been inconclusive, but that other data indicates nutritional therapies may have […]

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Is Mills and Boon derailing women’s health?

Writing in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, pop-psychologist and agony aunt Susan Quilliam argues that idealized romantic fiction has more of an influence on many women than professional clinical advice, a situation that is damaging the effectiveness of a number of family planning and reproductive health initiatives. “Modern women are still […]

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Ovulation puts gaydar into overdrive

Women can more accurately identify a man’s sexual orientation when they are closest to their time of peak ovulation, say researchers at the University of Toronto and Tufts University. Their new study, appearing in Psychological Science, also claims that having romantic thoughts also heightens a woman’s ability to discriminate between straight and gay men. Enhanced […]

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No link between age and testosterone levels

A new study from Australia adds weight to earlier European research that found no correlation between men’s ages and their testosterone levels. The University of Sydney researchers speculate that poor health is the most likely contributor to reduced libido and fatigue in older men. The findings, presented at the The Endocrine Society’s 93rd Annual Meeting […]

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Twin-study findings conflict with sex ed dogma

Current sex education curricula recommend abstinence as a way of reducing sexual risk-taking, but a new study appearing inPsychological Science indicates that early sexual initiation has no effect on an individual’s risk-taking behavior. University of South Florida psychologist and study author, Marina A. Bornovalova, said she originally set out to test the assumption that delaying […]

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Obesity and infertility linked across generations

The hormonal changes which are triggered by obesity can “program” the reproductive systems of the female offspring of obese women and lead to infertility, report endocrinologists in the journal Endocrinology. Hormones involved in energy balance and metabolism have been shown to regulate reproductive function in animals and humans. Levels of one of these hormones – […]

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