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Petite Nuke Exchange Could Derail Global Climate

Two new studies predict that even a small-scale regional nuclear war could produce as many fatalities as all of World War II, disrupt the global climate for a decade or more and impact nearly every person on Earth. Appearing in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, the studies were compiled by researchers from the […]

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Soot And Snow A Hot Combination

New research from NASA scientists suggests emissions of black soot alter the way sunlight reflects off snow. According to a computer simulation, black soot may be responsible for 25 percent of observed global warming over the past century. Soot in the higher latitudes of the Earth, where ice is more common, absorbs more of the […]

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Major Climate Changes Predicted For US

Over the next 100 years, the eastern United States will see more winter precipitation because atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are increasing. But more precipitation does not necessarily mean more snow, according to Arthur T. DeGaetano, a Cornell climatologist who was one of several speakers at the Impacts of Climate Change on Horticulture symposium, held last […]

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