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Volcanoes keeping a lid on global warming

Climatologists in the U.S. say that dozens of active volcanoes spewing sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere have been offsetting about a quarter of the greenhouse warming on Earth over the last decade. Study leader Ryan Neely, from the University of Colorado Boulder, explained that sulfur dioxide emissions from Earth’s surface eventually rise 12 – 20 […]

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Double whammy dinosaur extinction theory

Widely credited to have wiped out the dinosaurs, the giant asteroid that smashed into the Yucatán Peninsula 65 million years ago may have been preceded by a volcanic extinction event that warmed the planet dramatically and killed nearly all of the life on the ocean floor. University of Washington researchers say they have evidence that […]

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Satellite Provides Spectacular New Volcanic Images

Montagu Island, part of the South Sandwich Islands about 2000 kilometers from mainland Antarctica, is home to a newly erupting volcano with a fast-moving lava flow that has caused the island to grow by about 50 acres in the last month. Spectacular new satellite images (click image for enlarged view) surprised researchers who believed the […]

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New Slant On Volcanic Climate Change

Scientists have known for some time that airborne volcanic particles (aerosols) can reflect the Sun’s rays back out into space and cool the planet for relatively short periods. But now, British scientists have discovered another cooling mechanism triggered by volcanic activity that has the potential to cool the Earth for much longer periods. Vincent Gauci, […]

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