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Black Hole The Ultimate Sub-Woofer

NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory has detected a cacophony of ultra-deep sound resonating through galaxy M87 thanks to a black hole that emits sounds around 56 octaves below middle C. M87, a giant elliptical galaxy, is centrally located in the Virgo cluster of galaxies and is known to harbor one of the universe’s most massive black […]

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Dark Matter Takes Shape With New Map

The latest issue of Astrophysical Journal carries news of new “dark matter maps” of two young galaxies created by astrophysicists at Johns Hopkins University. Although scientists can measure the effects of invisible dark matter, its exact nature continues to be elusive. Past attempts to map dark matter in detail with ground-based telescopes have been fruitless. […]

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Experiments May Yield Materials With Negative Refractive Index

British and American scientists have demonstrated an artificially made material that can provide a magnetic response to Terahertz frequency radiation, bringing the realisation and development of novel ‘T-ray’ devices a step closer. The advance, reported in the journal Science, suggests novel applications in biological and security imaging, biomolecular fingerprinting, remote sensing and guidance in zero […]

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