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Uranium’s Effect On DNA Established

The use of depleted uranium in munitions and weaponry is likely to come under intense scrutiny now that new research that found that uranium can bind to human DNA. The finding will likely have far-reaching implications for returned soldiers, civilians living in what were once war-zones and people who might live near uranium mines or […]

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Solitons Observed In A Solid

An international team of researchers say they have observed evidence of solitary vibrations (solitons) in a solid. The scientists, from Los Alamos, Oak Ridge and Argonne laboratories, and the Institute for Transuranium Elements in Germany, write about their discovery of random localized vibrations in a three dimensional solid in Physical Review Letters. The Scottish scientist […]

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Milky Way Clock Upgrade

Aspects of the universe that have puzzled scientists for decades may soon assume greater clarity now that a University of Chicago researcher has the universe running on uranium/thorium time. Nicolas Dauphas, an Assistant Professor in Geophysical Sciences, developed the new and improved universal clock in order to determine the age of the Milky Way free […]

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