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Novel Transistor Design Blasts Single Electrons Through Circuits

Computer engineers at the University of Rochester have thrown out the rulebook on transistor design and put together a prototype nano-scale transistor that is radically different from any other type of semiconductor. Christened the “Ballistic Deflection Transistor” (BDT), the new device works by bouncing individual electrons off deflectors, something akin to a game of billiards […]

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Nanotube Transistor Created

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and Clemson University, writing inNature Materials, said specially synthesized Y-shaped carbon nanotubes were shown to behave as electronic switches similar to conventional MOS (metal oxide semiconductor) transistors, the key element of modern microprocessors. They added that the carbon nanotube transistors exhibited superior electronic properties compared to […]

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