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Telling time with matter waves

Berkeley scientists say they have discovered a way to tell time by measuring matter waves, the oscillations of matter whose frequency is 10 billion times higher than that of visible light. Intriguingly, team member Holger Müller says the technique can also be reversed to use time to measure mass. The technique takes advantage of the […]

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Season of conception linked to birth defect risk

Birth defect rates in the United States are highest for women conceiving in the spring and summer – the time when pesticide levels in surface water across the country reach their peak. Writing in the medical journal Acta P�diatrica, the researchers explain how they reached their conclusions by analyzing all 30.1 million births that occurred […]

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Animals “Stuck In Time”

University of Western Ontario researchers investigating how animals perceive time have found that episodic-like memory in rats is qualitatively different from human episodic memory. Reporting their findings in Science, William Roberts and his colleagues in Western’s Psychology Department found that rats are able to keep track of how much time has passed since they discovered […]

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Puzzle Over Low Galaxy Count

Scientists from the University of Cambridge and the University of Exeter are suggesting that the evolution of the early Universe was much slower than previously thought. Doctor Andrew Bunker has been studying images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of what is called Hubble’s Ultra Deep Field (HUDF). Images from HUDF provide mankind’s deepest optical […]

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