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High testosterone drives risky investments

Higher levels of testosterone correlate strongly with financial risk-taking behavior, finds a new study in Evolution and Human Behavior that sheds light on the evolutionary function and biological origins of risk taking. Undertaken by Anna Dreber and Coren Apicella, both from Harvard University, the study builds on previous work that demonstrated that stock market traders […]

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Testosterone Key In Disease Transmission

Working with mice, researchers from Penn State have established that high levels of testosterone in an individual can spur disease transmission throughout an entire population. Past research has linked testosterone to immune system suppression, making males more susceptible to disease. It has also previously been shown that compared to females, males account for a larger […]

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Parenting Suffers With Too Much Testosterone

Ramping up testosterone production can help male birds win a mate, but it also turns them into bad dads, who are uninterested in parenting their young. Such are the perils of masculinity amongst dark-eyed juncos, as reported in The American Naturalist by researchers from Indiana University, the University of Virginia and the University of Southern […]

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Testosterone A Mixed Blessing For Songbirds

High testosterone levels are something of a mixed blessing for dark-eyed junco songbirds, say researchers from North Dakota State University, writing in the May issue of The American Naturalist. The team’s study found that male birds with extra testosterone were more attractive to females and produced more offspring, but the offspring were smaller and more […]

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