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Tempel’s Spectra Indicate Organic Compounds And Water

The detailed analysis of the spectral data from Deep Impact’s collision with the comet Tempel 1 is now starting to pay dividends. “Prior to our Deep Impact experiment, scientists had a lot of questions and untested ideas about the structure and composition of the nucleus, or solid body of a comet, but we had almost […]

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Bull’s-Eye! Deep Impact Scores A Direct Hit

Mission accomplished! Deep Impact’s intercept with comet Tempel 1 has proceeded without a hitch, with NASA’s ground control personnel seen cheering, back slapping, high-fiving, and hollering: “That’s awesome!” and “My God!” soon after the impactor’s direct hit with the comet was confirmed. “The impact was perfect”, said Dr. Mike A’Hearn, the mission’s team leader. After […]

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Hubble Captures Tempel’s Premature Ejaculation

Astronomers got a preview of what Deep Impact’s fourth of July rendezvous with the comet Tempel 1 may look like with images captured by the Hubble space telescope. The pictures have captured Tempel 1’s icy nucleus – roughly the size of central Paris – ejecting material in a spectacular display. The ejaculation of dust and […]

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