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Ultracheap tactile sensor for robots unveiled

Giving robots a sense of touch has traditionally been an expensive and complex exercise with results that were often less than useful. Now, however, a newly developed tactile sensor using off-the-shelf cell phone components could dramatically change how robots interact with the world around them. The developers of the new TakkTile sensor at the Harvard […]

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Ultrasound used to stimulate tactile sensations in brain

Scientists have provided the first neurophysiological evidence for something that medicos have long suspected: ultrasound applied to parts of the body, such as the fingertips, can stimulate different sensory pathways leading to the brain. The researchers, from Virginia Tech, say the discovery has implications for diagnosing and treating neuropathy, which affects an estimated 20 million […]

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Tactile sensations have profound effect on decision making

A fascinating study in this week’s Science shows that interpersonal interactions can be shaped, profoundly yet unconsciously, by the physical attributes of incidental objects. The researchers, from Yale University and Harvard University, demonstrated that resumes reviewed on a heavy clipboard are judged to be more substantive, while a negotiator seated in a soft chair is […]

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