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Carbohydrate synthesizer opens door to new field of medicine

German scientists have reported a major advance toward opening the doors of a carbohydrate-based medicine chest for the 21st Century. Much more than just bread and pasta, these carbohydrates may form the basis of revolutionary new vaccines and drugs to battle malaria, HIV, and a plethora of other diseases. Speaking at the annual Meeting of […]

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Intra-Molecular Movement Of Protons Observed

Using time-slices of just 100 attoseconds (one attosecond equals one billion-billionth of a second), scientists from Imperial College London say they can now track individual protons moving in a molecule, paving the way for the direct observation of chemical reactions and potentially opening a new window on the fundamental processes occurring in chemistry and biology. […]

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New Sorting Algorithm Aims To Sift Through All Possible Molecules

One of the problems in molecular synthesis is that there simply “aren’t enough atoms in the universe to make all the reasonable-sized molecules that could be made,” explains Duke University chemistry professor David Beratan. To help sift through this giant haystack, he’s investigating a new computer method that could help scientists identify the best molecules […]

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